Driving Lessons in Redruth Pool Camborneand Portreath areas - Our Prices

ONLY £22.00p per hour for STUDENTS !!!!!!


If you are a student or are in receipt of benefits then take advantage of our VERY SPECIAL OFFER :


This SPECIAL OFFER applies to Students or those in receipt of benefits so.....f you are a complete beginner get your first 3 hours for £35-00 (That'less than £12-00 per Hour!!).

After your first 3 hours the price is £22-00 per hour (saving £1-50p off our Standard Rate) and.........you can save even more by pre-payingfor blocks of hours :

  10 Hours = £205-00p ( That's ONLY £20-50p per hour)

  20 Hours = £395-00p ( That's JUST £19.75p per hour)

  30 Hours = £570-00p ( That's JUST £19-00p per hour) 




For those in Full Employment, our Standard Pricing is £23-50p per hour with discounts if you want to pre-pay for blocks of hours up front.


10 hours would be £225-00

20 hours would be £430-00

30 hours would be £620-00

35 hours would be £700-00


In addition complete beginners can get their first three hours for the cost of two (that's just £47-00).


We believe that we offer great Value for Money offering driving lessons in Redruth, Camborne and the surrounding area.

Our Standard Hourly Rate at £23-50p is cheaper than many others and by buying Blocks of Hours and Paying Up Front you can save even more. And if you are a Student or you are in receipt of benefits, we have very attractive Special Offers !!!